Clemens Marschner

I'm a senior software development engineer at the Microsoft Search Technology Center in Munich, Germany. I'm working on the European versions of the bing search engine. My professional interests are information retrieval, machine learning, and computational linguistics. If you are passionate about these topics as well, chances are we have a job for you. Look at If this site is up, we have open positions.

Formerly I worked for the Enterprise Search Group which created the FAST Search for Sharepoint product. The group was previously known under the name FAST Search & Transfer, a Norwegian company which was bought by Microsoft in 2008. I was part of that team since 2003.

I received a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Ludwig Maximilians Universitšt in Munich in 2008 and worked there as part-time researcher and lecturer between 2005 and 2007.

My interest in search engines began in 2002, when I wrote my master's thesis about "Optimization of a search engine for web sites and databases", about the university's search engine. It hasn't left me since. A lot of the ideas I had in this thesis are also applied in a web scale engine, although I cannot claim that somebody listened to my back then.

To contact me, visit my page on Xing or LinkedIn.


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